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Padma Katha Press is a small traditional publisher dedicated to amplifying BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices. We feel strongly about seeing diversity in the publishing industry, and educating authors where we can.

We started as an independent press in Australia, with a single imprint, helping newer authors with publishing questions on the side. Around beta reading, editing, and picking up a team along the way, the next logical step was expanding to an international traditional press to publish authors that don't want to pursue independent publishing for themselves - Though, we will have a myriad of tools rolling out through winter to help independent authors, as education is valuable to us and we believe in accessibility.

We LOVE unique fantasy stories - vampires that were created by a newly imagined pantheon of gods, biologically accurate mermaids fighting the war against pollution, mythology that pushes the bounds of its source material - especially from queer and BIPOC perspectives. Why? Because you write what you know, and we're tired of hearing 'If I wanted to read that, I'd read non-fiction.'

We've built a great little team and are so excited to see what books come to us, and to help authors bring their stories to life, not only in print, but through commissioned art, book boxes, and whatever other sensory things we can source for your unique marketing plan!

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