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Bound & Barbed

Evaline hates Kembertus and living with caretakers who are desperate to keep her docile and marry her off. With time slipping through her fingers and danger closing in on all sides, she desparately tries to pickpocket a man covered in weapons. But then she meets his gaze. And she knows what he is, and it's not human.

Trading in Scales

Coming Soon

Veena holds a fierce loyalty to her underwater kingdom. But her people are dying from polution, and when her family falls victim to the human's rings, she will stop at nothing to end the reign of terror from that the two legged monsters of above.

The Oath of Eve

After Evelyn discovers her family has been hiding the fact she is a god her whole life, and Olympus comes calling on her to fulfill a failed quest, she has to decide if she can swallow her fear of her own powers and end the war brewing between the realms started by one of the most powerful gods in existence. 

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