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Indie Services

These are a few services offered separately by some of our contractors to Independant Authors. We trust and happily recommend them based on previous relationships, but cannot offer any guarantees on their behalf.

Remember these services are for authors that plan to SELF publish. If you will be seeking traditional publishing, whether by querying our press or another, you should not hire an editor or buy ISBN's, etc.


We are a traditional press and will not offer vanity publishing, please do not ask us to pay-to-publish. If you would like details on our query requirements, visit the Submissions tab.


Our lead editor offers freelance editing outside of the PK umbrella including beta reading, in-depth line editing, and copy editing. Custom packages are available on request, and an introductory sample edit is available free of charge.

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Sensitivity Reading

We have a list of sensitivity readers to refer to that cover different topics. A spreadsheet is currently being crafted that includes multiple different names. In the meantime, we recommend checking out either:

- Ruthie Bowles (

- Emeric Davis (

They both cover a variety of topics including BIPOC and Queer spaces which is where we find most help is needed.



A great way to cut costs is premade covers. We highly recommend Etheric  Tales Facebook group for some. We do not have experience with Etheric for illustrated services or anything aside from standard covers, but do recommend them for premade.


Publishing 101 Course

This course will take you through the process of self-publishing from typing 'The End' on your book to hitting 'Submit' on your publishing platform of choice, with all the steps in between such as business registration, finding an editor, online etiquette, series planning, and more.

Coming Soon - Get Notified

Let's Work Together

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