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We are currently OPEN to submissions

Submission Guidelines:

Do you have an amazing fantasy story that features a diverse world and interesting characters? We'd love to hear from you.

We're looking for ADULT novels, written for a QUEER and DIVERSE audience, That is, stories featuring queer characters, BIPOC characters, from queer or BIPOC authors, with a cast of characters from diverse backgrounds.

We're interested in:
- mythology
- high or epic fantasy
- low fantasy
- magical realism
- paranormal
- fantasy romance

- dark fantasy

- dystopia

So long as it dabbles in the darker side of fantasy, or dystopia, as well as its primary genre!

While we are especially looking for stories featuring trans, BIPOC, and neurodivergent characters in lead roles, it is important to us that representation is done right, and we like to see these narratives written by authors from these communities. We have a great team of sensitivity readers to help along the way, anyway.

We will accept unagented or agented submissions of finished novels. Please read the guidelines below before querying.

Email us at:

Please send:

- A brief QUERY LETTER with a little bit of information about you and your story.

- A SUMMARY of your novel (including the ending), no longer than one page.
- The first THREE CHAPTERS or 10,000 words of your novel, whichever comes first, in a Word doc.

In the subject line please write: SUBMISSION - STORY NAME

Query responses may take some time, so please be patient, we endeavor to respond to every query! If you have sent a submission and not heard back after 30 days, please send a follow up then replying to the original email.

We can't wait to read your stories!

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