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The Myth of June
Content Warnings: Death, Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping/Hostage of Adult, Gun Violence, Mention of Alcohol, Murder, Pregnancy, Sexism, Sexual Assault, Violence


A baby born during a Titan Gods storm must be special. So Typhon thought, and so Typhon blessed Juniper with protection.

But years later, with Typhon away and June a grown woman, she is viciously attacked by a handsome stranger - resulting in yet another God stepping in with a gift of their own.

Wielding extraordinary power, June is thrown into an intense battle of morality and inner turmoil. She will have to uncover deep secrets that her father withheld, and take on the terrifying monsters that she'd always believed to be a myth while navigating her new life. And when Olympus calls, she has to decide - is revenge worth fighting one of the most powerful gods in existence?

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