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Trading in Scales
Content Warnings: tba

Overview: Veena holds a fierce loyalty to her underwater kingdom. But her people are dying from polution, and when her family falls victim to the human's rings, she will stop at nothing to end the reign of terror from that the two legged monsters of above.

Dorian wants nothing more than to sail. His dreams have overtaken his days, and the closer his ascension of the throne creeps, the further into Iron Harbor his heart swims. On the verge of giving up the crown, rumour of a hybrid sighting starts, and his father makes him an offer he can't refuse. 

Secretive, murderous, drunken, Captain Raj. His reputation preceeds him. He's explored, stolen, cheated, to no avail. He just can't catch a break. When he takes a ship that carries the tale of a reward from Saumata, a retirement scheme starts brewing. 

In a twist that none saw coming, the fate of both the kingdom that lies in the depths, and that on the edge of Saumata, become intertwined with the lives of three creatures from very different pasts - A pirate, a prince, and a newly turned pawn from the sea.

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